About Bluepingu

»JOINTLY BUILDING OUR FUTURE – SUSTAINABLE, FAIR AND REGIONAL« describes most properly Bluepingu’s work.  Bluepingu e.V. is a German non-profit organization based in Nürnberg founded in 2008.  We like to contribute with our work to a more sustainable lifestyle.

We want citizens, young and old, to explore the opportunities how we can contribute personally to a healthy environment and a more just society. We want to bring people together and provoke, however we want to provide solutions not talking about problems. Thats key to our work as we want to change for the better as a local change agent. Thats our aim.

Bluepingu – Make a difference

Bluepingu and the three pillars of sustainability

All our activities circle around the three pillars of a sustainable lifestyle: Economy – Ecology – Social. Our focus is hereby strictly regional, as es we believe the necessary change has to start local to become a global movement. Local sourcing projects build a strong foundation for such a change. Following some examples of our work along the three pillars of sustainability.


Through our events, projects and teaching session we try to enthuse people in our region for a sustainable lifestyle. Projects such as our “Agenda 21 Cinema” the event series “Biofach trifft Nürnberg” as part of the “Bio in our city” Network and our Urban Garden in Nürnberg are examples for the multitude of projects we organize. Often we cooperate with other NGO’s in the region. One example for such a cooperation is our “Zukunftsbündnis”, an online teaching offering around sustainability.


Consumption – Engagement – Education are the three pillars how everyone of us can contribute to a “new economy” and lifestyle. Our “Regionallotse” wants to give recognition to all the small and medium enterprises in the region that have a strong focus on Organic-, Fairtrade and Regional produce. The book, online database and mobil guide offers a quick overview on all the offerings in our region across all branches. It also includes an overview which NGO works in the region and who provides educational means. With this we want to encourage people to change their consumtion behaviours and become more actively engaged in the society, as it shows, we always have an alternative, no matter whether it is food, cosmetics, textils or travelling. It is in our hands! Bluepingu also was a founding member of the “Bioinnung” a local network of enterprises that commit themselves to a sustainable economic model with their offerings.


Through initiatives such as “Fairtrade Town Nürnberg”, which we started in 2009, the Socialbar, our Urban Garden and other projects we network various stakeholders in the area and try to contribute to our stronger community network within our area. Furthermore education is at the core of what we do. We continuously engage with local schools and other players in that field to spread the knowledge through interactive sessions in our urban garden, teachings and more…


  • Blupingu was awarded with the Zeitzeichen 21 award in 2010 in the category initiatives
  • In 2013 Bluepingu became award winner of the German Sustainability award of Neumarkter Lammsbräu in the category initiatives
  • Our regionallotse was an offical UNESCO project 2011/2012 in the decade of education for sustainable development

Following an overview of some of our activities:


Bluepingu – der kleine Unterschied