Award ceremony for the short film contest “LebensWERTraum 2025”

LebensWERTraum award celebration 1. Preis

30 films were sent to this first short film competition, organized by “Bio in der Stadt” with the multidimensional phrase “LebensWERTraum 2025. LebensWertraum is a German wordpuzzle and a combination of the words “Leben”=Life, “Wert”=worth, “Traum”=dream, “Raum”=room, space.
To find the winners of this competition was exciting and thrilling up to the end.

As the theme was very wide spread and could be interpreted in many various ways it was quite difficult and a lot of discussion was needed for the jury to find common grounds and a solution.
The international jury members were film producers Jan van den Berg (Silent Snow) and Valentin Thurn (Taste the waste) as well as Herbert Heinzelmann (journalistic studies) and Jens Müller-Ali (camera operator).

The winner of the public voting is “Stinknormale Superhelden” made by Normann Stoffregen. Content of the film is that everybody can do something for our environment and that doing something worthwhile together with others can be a lot of fun. That is what the online-voters convinced (probably).

1st place goes to “Mit Essen spielt man nicht“, a coproduction of Anna Rosa Stohldreier and Katharnia Langer. The film shows a little girl in her room. She has built a quite complex and imaginative machine with which she playfully demonstrates the connections of food distribution around the world.
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2nd place goes to “Human Nature?” by Markus Hassel and team. In their film description they state: “The film deals with the collision of environment –humans intrude, utilize and destroy. The motive is not always a bad one. Sometimes things happen out of carelessness or missing respect.”
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3rd place goes to “Culinary Misfits” by Laurent Hoffmann. This film is an ode to twisted and bent but nevertheless tasty vegetables. Valentin Thurn mentioned in his laudation: “The two protagonists want to open up a store for “misfits” for all those vegetables which dot not conform to the agricultural standards and are therefore discarded and thrown away. This short film is quite suited for a crowd funding campaign which was successfully in the end.”
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All films can still be watched at Movie Contributions.
Take a look at films contrary to greed for profit, ruthlessness and waste.