Herbert “halef” Heinzelmann (* 1947 in Berching/Opf.) is a journalist and media teacher and a temporary lecturer for media studies.  He was editor for the culturer section of Nürnberger Zeitung, a local newspaper and still writes as a free author for the same paper. He lives and works in Nürnberg.




Jens Müller-Ali
Cinematographer Contact: www.jmap.de
Genre: Documentaries, reports, Image movies
Education: Media Design study in Nürnberg and Hamburg
Career: Since 2008 diverse TV-productions in Germany and abroad incl. Americas, Africa, Asia




The film-maker Valentin Thurn shoot more than 40 TV-documentaries, in particular for the german TV channels ARD, ZDF and ARTE.
His movie “Taste the Waste” was one of the most successful documentaries in German cinemas in 2011. He won the media award, category environment, of the “Deutsche Umwelthilfe” and 15 other awards in Germany and abroad. Related to the topic of food waste he also published in 2011 a book called “Die Essensvernichter”, translated this means “The foodwasters”. In 2012 he published the “Taste the Waste” cook book.
Valentin Thurn founded 1993 with journalist from more than 50 countries the „International Federation of Environmental Journalists“ and is chariman of „Foodsharing e.V.“




Jan van den Berg is a documentary film maker, director and producer (u.a. Silent Snow). He founded drsFILM, where writers, artists and filmmakers are working together in this production company.  In the early seventies he started making films from his original field of study, cultural anthropology. Since that time drsFILM made many documentaries and drama productions. The films are mostly about people at the cutting edge between cultures.
Utrecht, Niederlande